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Sweet Release
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Giclee 'Sweet Release' Print, Edition of 20
16.53 x 16.53" (42.0 x 42.0cm)

In the art world “Giclee” (or zhee-clay if you’re fancy) is a fine art printing method of the highest quality standard using a combination of specialty software and hardware. It’s direct translation means "the thing that got sprayed" referring to the inks application process to the paper. Sweet Release Giclee prints are printed with high quality archival pigment based inks on Hahnemühle Torchon paper, meaning it has smoother gradients, vibrant colours and will continue to provide life given the right care and preservation.

Each print is hand signed and numbered by Jordan Debney. Each 'Sweet Release' Giclee print comes with an accompanying signed and numbered Authenticity Certificate/Holographic Authenticity Sticker. Unless otherwise noted, all 'Sweet Release' prints ship in sturdy cardboard tubes. All prints are unframed.

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